How Should You Write Your Internships to Your CV?

Your internships experience can be an important that you can add to your CV. Here,you will learn how and where to list your internships on your CV.

While a standard CV highlights only your experience with the relevant job,however a CV with description of the internship highlights the educational background done along with the internship. Internships are also can count as work experience, and adding them to your resume will help you more to find a full-time job.

In Which Situation Should Internship Be Written on Your CV?

Internships provide us work experience and also provide a great opportunity for new graduates or whom has little work experience.

You must add your internship information to your CV in the following cases:

-If you are a student or a new graduate,,
-If you do not have enough work experience,,
-If you have internship experience similar to the job you want

However, listing your internships on your CV may not always be the right move. If you find it difficult to list all your working internship experiences over the years on a one-page, you do not need to write down some of your internships if they are not related to the job.Creating your CV in this way will give you more opportunities to highlight achievements in your full-time positions.

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Where should the internship information be written on your CV?

You should write your internships in the section where you put your work information.
You should add each internship to your CV, with the most recent position at the top.

Examples of writing the internships to your CV in correct way

If you have written any work experience, you can add the internship information to the CV you have prepared in the same format.

Include this information for each internship you add:
-The name of the company you did your internship,
-Your position and your resposibilities,
-The date you started the job and the end date (including month and year)

Just below these, you can list a list of items that summarize the responsibilities or achievements you have done during your internship, if any. Make sure your achievements will impact the success of the company you are applying to

If possible, try to show clear figures such as percentages, financial figures or hours used in Projects.

For Example:

1. How to write software internship;
Relevant experience
Microsoft Software 01.03.2018 – 01.06.2018
I have completed my Internship at Microsoft United Kingdom
I have learned .net software programmes at begginner level.
I have learned a lot about software architectures.

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