How to prepare a CV for new graduates

What should new graduates pay attention to when creating a CV?

What should new graduates pay attention to when creating a CV? It is obvious that new graduates have difficulties in every aspect. As if this is not enough, they are confused about how to create a CV for the inexperienced. Although it has been difficult to find a job especially recently, it is possible to increase your chances of finding a job with a good CV. Here's what you need to do:

How to Write Internship Experience in CV

It would not be wrong to say that internship experiences are the biggest advantages of new graduates. Although it is thought that you have no experience in the sector, if you have done an internship in your field, you can make them think again. For this, it is beneficial not only to do internships at the university, but also to pay attention to internships during high school years. Transferring your internship experience to your CV with details will take you one step ahead.

University Education

New graduates should consider university experience when creating a CV. Even if you did not do an internship during your university years, if you have attended various seminars and conferences, do not forget to mention them. Especially, the certificate you have received related to your field, these factors will make you stand out.

Foreign Language Knowledge

We know how important a foreign language is in today's world. Especially English is a factor that many companies pay attention to. Even if you do not know much English, you should make sure that your level is enough to communicate. In other words, it is useful to have at least B1 level of English.

Apart from that, companies usually offer three options when asking you about your English knowledge in interviews. These choices are usually bad, good, and very good. Whatever your level is, choosing that option, meaning being honest, will be very important, for both the interview process and after the interview process.

About you

Your hobbies, interests and etc. Do not hesitate to give detailed information about your features, that is, express yourself well, but as you know, long articles about you with unnecessary information do not attract the attention of some companies. That’s why you need to express yourself in a short way.

Get Help from Us

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